Made out of high quality leatherette material these albums are elegant, affordable, and great for professional photographers. Display wedding photos or other special occasions in these timeless albums.

Available Sizes

Size Pages Price
5x5 20 54.80
5x7 20 75.60
8x8 20 107.20
8x10 20 118.40
10x10 20 143.20
10x10 30 199.04


Item Description Price
Photo Retouching - May be billed $1 per minute on light retouching requests (i.e. shine, red eye, color restoration and/or shadows).
- Body manipulation (altering body shape, removing/lightening skin wrinkles or excessive blemishes, etc.) is billed $30 minimum up to time neeeded based on $60/hr (Quote will be given and Deposite is required prior to work being done).
Photo Restoration - Based on needed restoration (Quote will be given and non refundable deposit required prior to work being done). 60.00/hr


Fees (not included in above pricing)
Design Fee   50.00
*Design fees are good for up to two rounds of corrections. Retouching and restoration is not included in this pricing.

3580 Polaris Avenue, Suite #1Las Vegas, NV 89103


3580 Polaris Avenue, Suite #1
Las Vegas, NV 89103