at 6.97"x1.54"x.07", this pub style, two sided, stainless steel bottle opener can be personalize by printing wonderful pictures, designs, logos or text. From bars, restaurants, camping, festivals or partying at home, these bottle openers can be used anywhere. These sturdy hand-held flat bottle openers are made out of high quality stainless steel for easy maintenance and durability. They are extremely strong, sturdy and comfortable to hold. Robust construction guarantees years of excellent use. Makes for a great personalized gift item, perfect for any man cave or great for promotional items. Recommended for hand washing, not suitable for dishwashers.

Item Price
Keychain Bottle Opener 7.50
Large Bottle Opener 9.66

3580 Polaris Avenue, Suite #1Las Vegas, NV 89103


3580 Polaris Avenue, Suite #1
Las Vegas, NV 89103