Decorate your wall with photos that stand out. Pop metals take a metal print and places it on top another, creating a 3D effect. Choose from various sizes and combinations.

Available Sizes

Overall Size Contents Price
8x10 1-8x10; 1-5x7 48.74
11x14 1-11x14; 1-5x7 73.85 
11x14 1-11x14; 2-5x7 96.00
11x14 1-11x14; 1-8x10 76.92
12x12 1-12x12;1-8x8 43.03
18x12 1-18x12; 1-5x7 96.00
18x12 1-18x12; 2-5x7 118.15
16x16 1-16x16; 1-12x12 135.14
16x20 1-16x20; 2-5x7 165.42
16x20 1-16x20; 1-8x10 147.69
16x20 1-16x20; 1-5x7; 1-8x10 192.00
16x20 1-16x20; 1-11x14 172.80
16x24 1-16x24; 2-5x7 187.20
16x24 1-16x24; 1-8x10 169.48
16x24 1-16x24; 2-8x10 196.01
16x24 1-16x24; 1-8x10; 2-5x7 213.78
*Custom sizes available. Call for quote.

3580 Polaris Avenue, Suite #1Las Vegas, NV 89103


3580 Polaris Avenue, Suite #1
Las Vegas, NV 89103