10th Annual Photo Contest Winners

Congratulations to the following winners

Student Digital:

1st Place – Carla Deniz
2nd Place – Charles Friley
3rd Place – Kyla Leach

Student People

1st Place – Kayleah Kerby
2nd Place – Jesus Gonzalez
3rd Place – Quentin Posch

Student Scenic

1st Place – Hannah Hu
2nd Place – Trevor Vellinga
3rd Place – Brock Pippenger

General People

1st Place – Daria Osipova
2nd Place – Karla Jordan
3rd Place – Mark Dinitto

General Scenic

1st Place – Jay Cariaga
2nd Place – Tom Jones
3rd Place – Mark Denitto

General Wildlife

1st Place – Michael Braunstein
2nd Place – Angie Shehane
3rd Place – Tie Allan Duff & Abigail Buckler

Photo Memories

1st Place – Kat Armendariz
2nd Place – Valerie Christiansen
3rd Place – Nadia Pain

Employee Digital

1st Place – Gene Snyder
2nd Place – Amy Bornalo

Employee People

1st Place Desiree Parks
2nd Place Rich Samuels

Employee Scenic

1st Place Marie Sidathong
2nd Place Marina VanVliet