During the current COVID-19 pandemic we have been asked by officials that we stay indoors in order to slow and prevent the spread of the virus. As we all continue to adjust, or have settled into this current lifestyle we find ways to cope with this new way of living. We have adopted new hobbies to pass the time and have much time to reflect upon ourselves, others, and the world.

Through this reflection, we come to realize that there is a group of people, regardless of distance, that continues to support and help us, our families. Through this time of uncertainty, we have our families to turn to, helping us get by with this new way of life. They may drive us crazy, but through thick and thin our families have been there to support us.

For this photo contest we want to see what family means to you. Whether it’s a memory from the past, or what is occuring now, show us the love, support, or crazy antics that is family. Let this contest be a time to not just inspire your photographic creativity, but another moment where we come together as family.

Entries will be accepted May 1st-28th. Winners will be announced June 1st.

Please note the following before entering:

  • Image must be created in-camera and not a composite or digital drawing
  • File type accepted is .jpg no larger than 8mbs