Glass Prints

ColorLyte® Photo Glass Frosted White Flat .13” Thick Glass with Rounded .125” Radius Corner Edges. Glass is tempered. Coated for dye sublimation imprinting. Glass prints are simply stylish and will most definitely be the eyecatcher in any interior. Glass reflects light; glass prints will bounce light, giving your photo art the most extraordinary sparkle of life. Glass art is regularly used by photographers when showcasing their work. Acrylic mount feet, sold separately.

5x7 Glass Print19.61
8x10 Glass Print36.09
11x14 Glass Print50.40
Wood Stand (Optional)2.00
Acrylic Stand (Optional)6.74

Chromaluxe Prints

Flat top, with Easel. Excellent thick sublimation coating produces incredible results, imprint your customers photo on this panel and watch their eyes, they will be amazed at the detail and beauty.

5x7x.25 with Easel Back 17.92
8x10x.25 with Easel Back 26.40

Glass Cutting Board

Take the art in your kitchen to a new level with these unique displays.  These glass boards have textured surfaces, capturing the light in the room and drawing the eye to your photo. Tempered Sublimation Glass, Textured Chinchilla Finish, with rounded corners. Comes in individual white box. Dishwasher Safe, for maximum life of the imaged product, we recommend hand washing. With rubber self adhesive feet.

*Not recommended for use with foods, this product is recommended for display purposes only.

Small Board - 11.1x7.9x.1528.60
Large Board - 15.375x11.25x.1534.14

Keepsake Boxes

Keep your most precious items or jewelry in this mahogany finish keepsake box. A ceramic tile allows you to customize the box to make it yours or as a gift to a friend or possibly your mother for Mother’s Day. Keepsake Box, Unisub®, Mahogany. 6″ x 8″, Holds one hardboard Unisub White Gloss sublimation tile.

6x8 Mahogany Wood Keepsake Box with 5x7 interior46.50


Protect the surface of your sensitive tables with a custom coaster or use it as a decorative piece for any room.

Stone : Sandstone Coaster, Square, 3.94″ 3.94″ x 0.24″, White, with cork backing. All sand stone coasters are sold in increments of 4.

Hardboard:  Coaster, White Gloss Square, Sublimation THB, 3.75″ x 3.75″ x .125″. Coaster features a cork bottom that prevents sliding and protects furniture surfaces.

Wrought Iron Holder-16.00

Ceramic Tiles

A unique way to display your work, these ceramic photo tiles can be displayed in a frame or used to create a mural. Placed on an easel, or hung on a wall, these photo tiles give any image a visual pop. Available in Matte or Glossy finish.

6×6-Ceramic Tile – White, Gloss with Spacers, 6.0625″ x 6.0625″ x .25”. These glossy ceramic tiles provide a reliable media for your artwork and photo reproduction. Highly resilient, scratch resistant, and excellent tiles for architectural applications.

8×8-Ceramic Tile, Gloss, 7.8125″ x 7.8125″ x .25″. The glossy ceramic tiles provide a brilliant canvas for photo personalisation. Excellent for large scale decorating projects.

12×12-Ceramic Tile, Gloss, 11.8125″ x 11.8125″ x .25″. Large tiles are used strategically, surrounded by smaller complementing designed tiles or to produce an even larger art project.

5x7x.22 with Square Corners24.02
8x10x.22 with Square Corners38.49
11x14x.22 with Square Corners64.74