Digital Color Correction

“It’s really red”, “This image is too dark!”, “My eyes are red.” These are some of the most common comments made when customers pick up their prints at low-end print labs and corner pharmacies.  While other print labs send images straight to print, we take more pride in our work.

Our specially trained lab technicians take a moment to review every image before it goes to print.  Each of our experts spot inconsistent color and improper image temperature, adjusting the image as needed, and confirm the changes with the client before printing.  This ensures every print leaving our doors meets our high quality standards.

ServicePrice Per Image
Digital Color CorrectionAvailable at $0.10 per image

Digital Scanning

In a digital age, it has become easy to store thousands of pictures in devices as small as a micro SD card. However, there are still many who have boxes and books of photos stored away in closets and bookshelves that are only catching dust. Throwing them away is not an option as we know the value of these precious memories, but for those considering to make more space within their rooms consider converting all those prints into digital files where they can be stored and kept in CDs or USB drives.

Please visit us with your image(s) ready for scanning.

35mm Negatives & Slides ($5 minimum order)
QuantityValue ScanFine ScanQuality Scan
Medium Format - 8x10 Negatives ($5 minimum order)
QuantityValue ScanFine ScanQuality Scan
Scans 8.5x11 & Smaller ($5 minimum order)
QuantityValue ScanFine ScanQuality Scan
Scans 9x12 - 16x20 ($5 minimum order)
QuantityValue ScanFine SanQuality Scan
Scans 16x24 & Larger ($5 minimum order)
QuantityValue ScanFine SanQuality Scan

Photo Retouching & Restoration

Don’t like the acne in your portrait? Need something in the background removed? Old images of your grandparents found in the attic torn and faded? Not to worry, Cashman ProPhoto Lab offers professional retouching and restoration.

Don’t let your images become a memory of the past, but a window for all generations to view. From model quality retouching to extreme photo manipulation, let our talented team take on the challenge of retouching or restoring your old photos. Let your images live in the present so they are never forgotten in the past.

Please visit us with your image ready for scanning or if a digital version has already been made, place an order by clicking the button below.

Photo Retouching/Restoration75 per hour/18.75 minimum @ 15 minute increments.

*A quote will be sent before any work begins. A deposite may be required.