e: lab@cashmanphoto.com
p: 1.702.693.6822

What is your turn-around time?

Most products we offer have a 24-48 business hour turnaround time for most products, with others requiring additional time. The following products require a greater time span:

  • Mounted Prints: 3-5 business days.

Do you develop film?

Unfortunately, we no longer process or develop film. However, we are able to scan film sizes 35mm (including mounted slides) and up to 6×9. Please contact us for additional information.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash(US), MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.


Do you ship outside of the United States?

We do ship outside of the United States, however, we do charge an international fee based on your location.

*Please note, Duty Fees may be required upon receipt of the package. Cashman is not responsible for any Duty Fees that may apply.

What's the best way to send my image?

We recommed that you place and order through our ROES Web system. ROES Web gives you all the benefits of a professional photo lab, with no special software to download. Orders are placed online or directly from your phone, no app involved. Your information stays safe so you can place orders with the security of knowing your information won’t be compromised. Just click “Order Now” on the menu screen or click here.

Do you offer full custom design work?

Yes, we do offer full custom design work (albums, cards, business cards, etc.) for an added fee. You will be partnered with one of our talented graphic artists who will communicate with you about your needs so the final product is exactly what you want or better.

*Please allow a minimum of 1 week for any requested design work.

Do you offer special pricing for professionals who sell their work?

Yes we do. We offer wholesale pricing to individuals, but we ask that you sign up as a Wholesale client. This will give you access to our wholesale pricing.

Please also note, if you have signed to be tax exempt, we ask that you provide your sales tax certificate number.

Can you scan images?

Yes, we can scan images, but with certain limitations. If the image was taken professionally you must provide proof of copyright stating that you are allowed to reproduce the image. This includes professional photographs, images taken from a website, images from a magazine, book, and/or any other printed material.

This does not include personal photographers taken by yourself, a friend, or images taken beyond a 20 year period.

Do you take professional photographs or portraits?

We do not take photographs or headshots. However, we can design headshots/zed cards as long as you provide the image.

If you are in need of photographic services or portraits, please refer to our sister company, Cashman Productions, at cashmanevents.com

Do you sell or rent photo equipment?

We do not sell or rent photo equipment.


Do you do custom framing?


Do you provide video services?

We do not provide video services.

If you are in need of video services, please refer to our sister company, Cashman Productions, at cashmanevents.com

I have some risque photos I would like printed, but want to keep private. Can you provide this?

Your privacy is important to us. We take measures to make sure such content is seen by very few people or by one person who will care for your order from the time it was placed to the time you receive your order. However, we will not print any content of sexual nature (pornographic), or illegal nature (exploitation of minors). We are required by law to report any illegal content to the proper authorities.

This does not apply to boudoir or nude photography of artistic nature.

What do I need to do to get started?

Browse our products and check out the variety of items we offer. Click on “Order” to be taken to our ROES Web page. You may need to enable pop-ups. From there, go through the steps to get started in placing your first order.

If you are a professional looking to resell your prints, we ask that you sign up as a wholesaler to take advantage of our wholesale pricing.

Will I be provided test prints?

If you are a first time client, we will provide you with your first set of test prints at no cost. This will provide you a reference point to adjust where needed.

Why do my prints look different compared to viewing on my computer screen?

This is a very common issue for both new and professional photographers who are not aware of color transitions between digital and print. The usual suspect is a user’s non color calibrated monitor. Most people never touch the settings on their monitors, leaving them at factory default settings. However, if you are a photographer or graphic artist, the factory default settings may not be the best settings for viewing your images.

By color calibrating your monitor you will have a greater chance of accurately printing the colors that you see on your monitor when it is sent to print.

What color space should I set my images?

Our printers are set to have an sRGB colorspace. This is the prefered colorspace we suggest to all our clients to set their images. You can make this a default setting on your camera so each picture taken is embedded with the sRGB color profile.

Can you provide me with a color space profile?

The sRGB color space profile is a normal given in many computers, but we can provide you with the color profile upon request.

What image formats do you accept?

We prefer .jpg and .tif, but we are capable of printing .pdf and .psd images.

What DPI resolution should I set my images?

We prefer that images be set to, at max, 254 dpi/ppi for all sizes. 300 dpi/ppi may be set for small format prints below 12×12.

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